I’m a big, big music fan. I’ve been a big, big music fan since I was a kid. My parents always had the radio on at home when I was growing up, and also listened to a lot of their own records and cassettes. I listened to a wide range of music genres, from Julio Iglesias to The Doors. My mom obviously liked some of the more mellow stuff, but dad was a rock n’ roller so his collection was more to my liking (no offence mom!).

I’m a Music Afficionado

I have a large music collection – original cassettes, mix tapes, records (some of them dating back to the 70’s/early 80’s), CD’s,  as well as MP3’s. Original CD’s alone, I’m close to 1000… Music is part of my spirit and a passion which I know I will always be immersed in even when I’m an old man in my rocking chair (and boy am I going to make that chair rock!). Anyway, I am digressing…

Audio Pleasure or Golden Silence?

I’m not sure about you, but when I’m busy working in front of my PC, I like to have music in some form or other giving me my soundtrack for the day. Whether it’s playing off my PC, through the radio or TV, or streamed online – I always have a tune playing in the background. Do you do the same? Or do you prefer silence (boring **yawn***)?

Due to my large collection of music, I have a variety of genres available – classical, opera, folk, pop, punk, rock, indie, world, etc – and so I listen to something new or something I haven’t listened to for long. I’m busy converting my original CD’s into MP3 format and so far I’ve only ripped about 60 albums – 900 and something to go…

My i-Pod also has a wide variety of playlists which I have created with exotic titles like “Latin Party”, ‘Soufside London”, “SA Rock”, ‘Older Guests for Dinner”, “Cultural Juice”, and so many more. I’ll usually stick my i-Pod into it’s docking station and just select a shuffle of tracks.

I listen to…

To answer my own question, I listen to music – any music I like, any style, any genre, and from any country… I have a compilation of modern rock tracks from 1998 to 2006 which I tend to spend most time listening to as it is purely made up of rock, emo, screamo, ska, indie, post-rock, math rocks and has a very large mish-mash of artists and bands which provide me with the ultimate mix.

I did the same for hip-hop and have several compilations which I put together – and many, many more singles to add to future compilations.

What do you listen to?

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Pedro Da Silva

Online Marketing Junkie

My name is Pedro Da Silva. I have built-up a wide range of digital marketing skills over the last 15 years working in the web industry. From front-end web design and graphics, to SEO and online marketing. I'm creative, commercial and technically minded. South African born & bred, I work in the UK online marketing industry. I'm a proud dad & husband that loves music, photography and mixed martial arts.

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