Local Search Resources, Google Analytics Content Experiments & How To Make A Dirty Martini

Local search resources, how to easily manage your settings pages on your social media profiles and why you should use Piwik, are some of my favourite finds that I’ve decided to share by creating a weekly round-up. The subjects covered will be varied and I hope to keep sharing on a weekly basis… Wish me luck!

Here’s some of this week’s cool links:

• Essential Local Search Resources For Local SEO: I’ve been working on a local SEO project of late to increase geographic specific organic search results. With the inclusion of Google Places – which was recently re-incarnated as Google Local on Google+, businesses can no longer ignore local search search engine optimisation, This post interested me because it includes a great list of local search related blogs, local search tools, local listings you should own and maintain and data aggregators that you should submit to.

• Guide To The New Bing Link Explorer: A lot of peeps were miffed about when Yahoo announced they would be axing Link Explorer. But this week that misery was turned into joy when Bing announced that they had partially merged Link Explorer with Bing Webmaster Tools. This post is also useful if you feel you want to learn more about Link Explorer.

• Google Analytics Content Experiments: Google Analytics has really got some great new features in version 5. You’ve got social metrics, custom reports, dashboards and now a great new conversion rate optimisation facility called Content Experiments. I totally love how Google Analytics is evolving and if you want to carry out some landing page optimisation, check out this great post on getting started with Bing Link Explorer.

• Easily manage all your social network settings: BlissControl.com is an awesome tool for any online marketer, social media marketer or webmaster. This tool helps you easily access links to any settings page on the top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, YouTube and more.

• The Definitive Guide To Google Authorship Markup: If you want to learn how to setup your published content pages for authorship or implement authorship on author bio snippets at the end of each of your posts, then this guide is for you!

• 7 Reasons To Use Piwik Analytics: I first found out about Piwik just over a year ago. With Google starting to display (not set) and (not provided) search terms, it might be time to run an alternative site analytics tool to provide with some of the pieces that Google is holding back from you. Piwik is open-source and hosted on your own server so you know that you control the data and don’t share it with advertisers.

  • and last but not least:

• How To Make A Dirty Martini: I had my first taste of this bad boy at a Christmas party…  It’s a classic vodka or gin martini that is made with olive juice and what I think makes it the shizznizz is the taste that the olive brine gives to this drink especially if very well chilled. Give it a shot!

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