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If you haven’t as yet signed up for, you’re unfortunately a bit late to do so…

They’ve been acquired by AVOS (Delicious) during the course of this week, so they are not accepting any new sign ups and will only continue to operate until 13 January 2012

#WTF is taking the junk out my trunk?

I think I signed up for the service soon after they launched – probably about a year ago – and it has been an invaluable tool which has allowed me to collate all the links I share across several of my social networks, be they retweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn shares, RSS feeds, links in StumbleUpon, etc, etc… 

In essence, has become my one stop point of reference when I’m looking for content I’ve shared across my social media networks.

Export your bookmarks

If you do have an account you can export your bookmarks using the export tool.

You can also export your shares by clicking the “Export my links” (1) menu item in your profile – you have up until the 13 January 2012 (2) to export your data.

I’ve created a Google Calendar notification for the 12th January next year to remind me to export my data!


In my year with, close to 5500 of my links have been saved to my profile. has been the best link aggregating tool I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. The team are moving across to Delicious.comhopefully to implement some of their magic and pioneering spirit…

I’ve not used my account for several months and although I’ll keep right till the very end, I’m afraid to say that I’m not sure yet whether I’ll be using Delicious for my social bookmarking… unless they start getting their on!

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