Free Google Analytics Configuration Tool

Have you ever wished for an easier way to configure Google Analytics? Well wish no more! 

Thanks to Twitter, I recently found out about this nice configuration tool that I think you should most definitely add to your arsenal of web tools.

Free Google Analytics Configuration Tool

The guys over at Raven Tools have created a free Google Analytics Configuration Tool that will make setting up Google Analytics just that much easier.

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I found MyWebCareer today thanks to a tweet by Ann Smarty (SEOSmarty on Twitter). Intrigued by her tweet which said: “I evaluated my LinkedIn Profile and Professional Online Brand at MyWebCareer and achieved a Career Score of 816!” – I decided to surf on over and check out my own Career Score.

MyWebCareer - Discover, Evaluate and Manage your Online Profiles to Boost your Career Prospects

What is MyWebCareer?

Well, to cut the story short, MyWebCareer is a free online service that enables you to uncover and evaluate your digital footprint.

They go on to mention on their ‘About’ page how everything we do online leaves a footprint of our activity that can be traced back to us, and how our career-specific data collectively makes up our professional online brand. They go on to mention how employers are increasingly turning to even more sophisticated internet search engines to research your professional online brand to gain additional insight about you.

They also say: “Our objective is to provide consumers with insight into their Professional Online Brand and to offer tools to make this data accessible, manageable, and actionable.We use sophisticated link analysis, visualization, and semantics technologies to enable you to quickly evaluate and explore data that may relate to you.”

Being curious as to what MyWebCareer would tell me about my professional online brand, I signed up…

Getting Started with MyWebCareer

Signing up with MyWebCareer is a breeze and it’s Foxtrot Romeo Echo EchoFREE (although there is a MyWebCareer Premium offering available which I have no doubt provides you with access to a way more detailed analysis and breakdown of your professional online brand).

To start, sign up with your Facebook or LinkedIn profile.

MyWebCareer sign up using your Facebook or your LinkedIn profile

Once you’ve signed up using one of the above profiles, MyWebCareer will start collecting data from whichever profile you’ve used to sign up. You can connect your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles to MyWebCareer – I recommend that you connect all 3 to get a more accurate overview of your Career Score because I personally used my Facebook profile to login and was shocked at the low career score presented to me…

Your MyWebCareer Score

To boost my bruised and battered self-esteem, I swiftly proceeded to hook up my LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

Sheesh! What a relief…

My Career Score, Score Strength and Score History jumped dramatically after connecting to those profiles – and my self-esteem and self-worth was restored just as exponentially.

MyWebCareer - Dashboard Scoring - Pedro Da Silva

The “My Score” dashboard lists your career score, score strength and score history, as well as factors that are evaluated (your network, profiles and search engine results) and provides you with additional insights: Score Guidance, detailed analysis and visualisations.

MyWebCareer Score Guidance

MyWebCareer Score Guidance - Pedro Da Silva

The ‘Career Score Guidance’ analysis gives you recommendations on how to improve your career score by acting on the analysis of your online profiles.

The one thing I found with the ‘Career Score Guidance’ analysis is that it also greatly depends on how much information people in your network have shared on their profiles. For example, my analysis of my Facebook friends said that I was “not connected to any colleagues at” several of the companies I’ve worked for in the past – which is not true.

The way that I assume MyWebCareer measures and analyses my network is by checking my Facebook friends profiles; and if they have not listed the companies they currently work for, or have worked at in the past, it picks it up as a ‘negative’ result.  I am connected to some of my colleagues but after inspecting their profile info, I confirmed that they were not listing their current nor previous places of employment.

Secondly, at least 2 of the companies I’ve worked for in the past – about 10 years ago – went bust, and no longer have any form of online presence – be it in the form of a website or social media profiles.

MyWebCareer doesn’t give you an analysis of “Your Profiles” – it is only available by upgrading to the MyWebCareer Premium service.

MyWebCareer - Your Profiles analysis - only available with MyWebCareer Premium service

The other analysis it reports on is “Your Search Results” which lists your internet search footprints.

Again, MyWebCareer measures and analyses my network for the data – in this case referrals on LinkedIn and other online sources I guess – and if it finds no references to your previous positions it comes back with a response saying: “We were not able to find online references to your XYZ position at ABC”.

On the other hand, I got a positive result – i.e. no red flags – back for any positions whereby I had a personal reference for on LinkedIn which makes me believe that the results presented are predominantly based on my LinkedIn profile.

The “View a Detailed Analysis” report provides a breakdown of your profiles and search results with pretty pie charts and other insights…

MyWebCareer - View a detailed analysis of your profiles and search results

You can also visualise and explore your merged LinkedIn and Facebook network.

MyWebCareer - visualise and explore your merged LinkedIn and Facebook network

Explore the MyWebCareer settings and specify a public profile URL with your career score – you can check out my Career Score here.

MyWebCareer Career Score - Pedro Da Silva

What do I think about MyWebCareer?

I personally am of the opinion that MyWebCareer is a great tool for personal branding and measuring and analysing your professional online brand. The only downsides for me are that it also relies on info supplied by people in your network so some of the data may not be 100% accurate.

Like Klout, it can probably be gamed and probably definitely doesn’t take many other factors into account, e.g. if you are driving and managing strategy for your companies Facebook Pages, LinkedIn Groups or corporate Twitter accounts…

However, considering that all of the above “personal brand” analytics were provided to me free, I would love to check out the premium offering to see how much more info it gathers and reports back on. Definitely worth a test drive!

Go ahead and discover, evaluate, and manage your professional online brand data that may help your career prospects.

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