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What I Learnt From #SearchLove About Link Building via Blogger Outreach (Without Even Being There)

Link Building via Blogger Outreach

So I was casually scanning my Twitter feed – as you do – and started noticing the #SearchLondon hash tag continuously pop up in my timeline of tweeps I follow.

A quick search on Twitter for #SearchLondon presented me with a long list of results for some really interesting link building via blogger outreach tips & tools shared by SEO Consultant, Paddy Moogan at the Search Love London Conference. The results I found for that search have been the inspiration behind this post…

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Social Stats: The Social Statistics Search Engine

Google with Social Stats is a great search engine for content marketers, social media practitioners, copywriters and SEO’s.

Google with Social Stats: The Social Statistics Search Engine

Facebook Likes, Tweet Counts and Google+ Shares are a good indicator of an article’s popularity on the web. And that’s exactly what the above Google Custom Search Engine is all about.

It serves standard Google web search results but enhanced with image thumnails and social statistics so you can easily spot the most popular stories.

So what exactly does Google with Social Stats do?

Input your search term in Google with Social Stats, hit “Search” and you’ll be served with image thumbs, and social statistics – for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter – on the results page.

Find out what your competitors followers on Facebook, Google+ & Twitter are sharing

Not only is this perfect for tracking popularity of keywords, it can also be a handy research tool for content marketers, copywriters, social media practitioners and SEO’s.

Simply input your keywords or search terms (as below) and then check out the SERP to analyse the content, keywords, reviews, post titles and many other insights.

Analyse keywords and content of social sharing results

Give Google with Social Stats a test drive now!

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