LinkedIn Group Polls

How Digital Marketers can use LinkedIn Group Polls

LinkedIn Group Polls for Digital Marketers

A couple of days ago, LinkedIn announced that they were going to begin rolling out the new LinkedIn Group Polls feature to their LinkedIn Groups application.

LinkedIn Groups are already a great way to share information with people in your industry or with your clients. We currently use LinkedIn Groups for our group of companies to promote our products and services – by driving traffic to our websites & blogs – as well as allow interaction between our team and our clients to discuss news, tools and experiences.

As a LinkedIn group manager, this feature will allow me and my colleagues to create polls – with up to 5 questions. This is a fantastic way to get feedback submitted by active group members, as well as generate and stimulate further conversation and discussion.

Another great feature of the new LinkedIn Group Polls is that you are now able to “Like” and follow Group polls, and to allow group engagement via poll comments. Following group polls can be a great source of collating data from several sources for your marketing research requirements.

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