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Why I think Google Instant Previews are going to be good for your Web Design Business

It seems like Google’s Instant Previews has been received with mixed reactions… In my opinion, it is an awesome addition to Google’s web search which I reckon it’s going to be great for the way we search for info and for web design businesses.


Well, I am going to speak for myself personally and first of all explain why it’s going to change the way I search on Google:

  • It is going to save me time searching and allow my searches to be more precise. Up till now, my searching has involved opening multiple windows in order to trawl through the “chaff” in order to get to the “cream” of the search term that I’m looking for. No more “faffing” about searching for information that I’m after.
  • Searching on Google without leaving Google. Instead of having to leave Google in order to browse the web, I will be browsing the returned results, rather than the pages suggested in the search itself.

The reason I think it’s going to be good for your web design business is:

  • Users searching Google will be more likely to visit a visually appealing site a.k.a. a well designed website than one which seems to have been designed by someone’s mothers cousins sons girlfriend for a fiver… Do you feel me?
  • Narcissistic website owners will want to improve on their websites Google Instant Previews “looks” to ensure the preview is enticing enough to make browser’s click through.

So, on that note, inform your clients of the benefits of getting their websites redesigned in order to look “pretty” in Google Instant Previews…

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