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How to setup a CDN in WordPress using W3 Total Cache & Amazon CloudFront

If you want to find out how to setup a CDN in WordPress, you’re at the right place!

I’ve been experimenting with CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) in WordPress over the last couple of months on a few different WordPress powered blogs and websites to test the increase in page speed and site load times for website optimisation purposes.

There has been news circulating around the social networks that indicates that there has been a large increase in active sites using CloudFront, which according to this blog post is now in excess of 20,000 active CloudFront customers.

I recently wrote a blog post on how to setup Cloudflare in WordPress to speed up your website, so I created this guide on setting up a CDN in WordPress using Amazon CloudFront and the W3 Total Cache plugin for anyone that is interested in finding out how.

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How to setup CloudFlare CDN in WordPress to speed up your website

How to use Cloudflare in WordPress to speed up your website

I’ve recently setup Amazon CloudFront as a CDN (Content Delivery Network) for one of my domains (running on WordPress) and I’ve seen an improvement in the sites load speed of that specific site since doing so.

Of late, I’ve been hearing and reading some good things about the CloudFlare CDN offering and so I decided to use another of my domains (also running on WordPress) to test this service.

For the purposes of this “How to” post, I’ll be signing up for a free CloudFlare account.

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