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GAnalyticz - Google Analytics app for Android

I access Google Analytics on an almost daily basis – for websites I administer and manage at work, as well as for my ever growing stable of private domain names (some people invest in shares on the stock market, I gather domain names).

Being an Android smartphone owner, I need to have a mobile app which allows me to access Google Analytics whenever I need to. There are several Google Analytics apps on the Android Market but my favourite client has to be GAnalyticz – it’s simple and fast.

Below is a quick visual rundown of what you can expect from GAnalyticz.

1. Home Screen

GAnalyticz Home Screen

This is where all your Google Analytics accounts are listed. In my case I have 3 accounts – 2 for work related Google Analytics accounts and another for my private accounts. You can add a new account or change settings for your accounts using your smartphones menu button. GAnalyticz uses SSL to connect to your accounts and your account credentials are stored in a database where they are encrypted.

2. Add Accounts

GAnalyticz - Add an account

Once you’ve filled in your Google Analytics account email address and password they are stored locally in a database so you don’t have to add them every time you access the application.

3. Settings

GAnalyticz - Settings

You specify your settings via a menu on the home screen.

You can change the options for the number of rows to display in your reports. Smaller values are better for performance and speed.

You can also choose which dimensions you want to see in your reports. The following dimensions are activated by default:

  • Referring sites
  • Search terms
  • Content by title

4. Profile List

GAnalyticz - Profile List

The profile list displays all your profiles for the chosen Google Analytics account. Click on a profile entry to go to the Statistics List screen.

5. Statistics List

GAnalyticz - Statistic List

By default, you have the following predefined date ranges:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last Week
  • Last Month

If you want to choose a different range, you can do so by selecting the Custom Date Range option.

6. Custom Date Range

GAnalyticz - Custom Date Range

If you want to set your own date range you can so by specifying the start and end date of your report and then clicking on “Get Report”.

7. Report Screen

GAnalyticz - Report Screen

The report screen displays the statistics for the choosen profile and date range. The current version of GAnalyticz displays the following reports:

  • Site Usage
  • Referring Sites
  • Search Terms
  • Countries
  • Mobile Client
  • Browsers
  • Resolutions
  • Content by Title

You can specify which statistics you want to view for your profiles in the Settings screen.

Note: The free version of GAnalyticz is supported by ads which are displayed on the Report Screen.

All in all, this is a must have app for Android if you manage any Google Analytics accounts and would like the ability to access your site profiles at any time. I love this app and it’s become one of my top and most useful Android apps on my smartphone.

Check it out – you won’t be disappointed – scan the QR code below:


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