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Google Analytics Advanced Segments: 96 Useful Organic Search Segments for European Markets

96 Google Analytics Advanced Segments to Segment Organic Search Sessions by Device Type in EU Markets
Google Analytics advanced segments and custom reports save me a hell of a lot of time on a daily basis…

As part of my “day-to-day” role as a Digital Marketing Manager for a FTSE 250 listed company, I find myself jumping in and out of Google Analytics accounts for different geographic locations multiple times per day.

A lot of times, while I’m in either a meeting, on a telephone call, a Google Hangout or during a Google Chat, I have to be able to quickly gather in-country insights into organic search traffic.

As a result, I have used the Google Analytics segment builder to create hundreds of Google Analytics advanced segments so that I can analyse and interpret relevant in-country data in a matter of a few clicks.

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Google Analytics Custom Reports For Online Marketers

Google Analytics custom reports are one of many essential tools in an any online marketers toolbox. The wealth of insights they provide allows you to assess and refine your online marketing activities and measure the results thereof. By analysing your sites search data in Google Analytics you can sometimes get clues and see patterns emerging from your website visitors search queries and their browsing behaviour.

Google Analytics Custom Reports have helped me save lots of time when it comes to needing very specific data analysis. Custom Google Analytics reports –  along with the new dashboards – must be one of my favourite features of Google Analytics 5.

How To Get Google Analytics Custom Reports

Below you will find 13 custom Google Analytics reports that I’ve been using the last couple of months which I know will be useful to any online marketer or webmaster. Hopefully you’ll find them useful…

To get the custom reports listed below click on the “Get the ……. Report” link below each of the reports while you’re signed in to your Google profile. 

If you have more than one Google Analytics profile, select the profile you want to make the custom report available to and then click on “Create Custom Report”.

Select the Google Analytics profile you want the custom report on

In order to access the custom report, click on the “Custom Reporting” link in Google Analytics.

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