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Grovo Learning: Online Learning Platform

I’m a very competent guy when it comes to the web. I’ve been professionally involved in commercial online activities for over 13 years now. If I add the 6 or 7 years under my belt – prior to stumbling into the online industry – my experience in the information technology sector has now nearly spanned 20 years!

Because of that, I do not hesitate in getting stuck into new systems, technologies, tools or techniques. If I don’t know how to do something I need to know how to do, I jump onto a search engine and find out how…

I am a classic example of someone that never reads manuals and that isn’t afraid of tackling something new which has a lot to do with my curiosity to learn, especially when the subject matter is something I’m passionate about.

I tend to pick up on new web services, online tools and information systems intuitively, however I appreciate that there are people that do find getting to grips with that sort of stuff rather daunting because of their level of IT literacy.

Enter Grovo Learning

If I was one of those people, I would find Grovo particularly invaluable. And please don’t get me wrong, I do not think that Grovo has not got anything to offer me! On the contrary. It has! Grovo can personally help me to ensure that I keep my skill set super fresh and super current. Knowledge is king… 

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