6 New features I love in WordPress 3.3

WordPress 3.3 was released into the wild just over an hour and a half ago and already I’ve updated six WordPress driven sites.

6 New features I love in WordPress 3.3

The first thing I’ve got to say is that the WordPress 3.3 update went through super smoothly and I was impressed at how quickly the sites were updated – in some instances taking less than 6 seconds… Woosh!

I’m always eager to see what has changed when WordPress is updated and I’m loving the changes that have been introduced in version 3.3.

My favourite new features in WordPress 3.3

1. Tumblr Importer

Very handy feature especially if you’re migrating Tumblr blogs (with lots of content) to a self-hosted WordPress installation. It claims to match

To enable the Tumblr Importer in WordPress 3.3, go to “Tools → Import → Tumblr” and you will be prompted to install the Tumblr Importer plugin which you can also download from here.

2. Drag & Drop Media Uploader with File Type Detection & Additional File Formats

The new Drag-and-Drop Media Uploader is in the WordPress 3.3 update is awesome! Perfect for dragging your files straight from your desktop and dropping them in the uploader.

The other great feature of the media uploader is that you can upload images and files simultaneously and then once your file is uploaded, the appropriate fields will be displayed for entering information based on the file type.

The new WordPress 3.3 media uploader now also supports the rar and 7z file formats to the list of allowed file types in the uploader.

3. Co-Editing Notification

Have you ever gone to edit a post after someone else has finished with it, only to get an alert that tells you the other person is still editing the post? From now on, you’ll only get that alert if another person is still on the editing screen — no more time lag.

Perfect for multi-author blogs. I’ve personally had this experience on several occasions and the new version addressing the time lag encountered in previous versions is going to calm the nerves of many WordPress administrators and content contributors.

4. Theme widget “memory”

Changing themes often requires widget re-configuration based on the number and position of sidebars. Now if you change back to a previous theme, the widgets will automatically go back to how you had them arranged in that theme. Note: if you’ve added new widgets since the switch, you’ll need to rescue them from the Inactive Widgets area.

Another really handy addition! Even though some of the better quality themes allow you to backup all your theme settings, there are other themes which have not as yet provided that facility. This new theme widget “memory” will be great if you want to test other themes while not sacrificing the amount of time you had spent on setting up the widget areas of a specific theme.

5. Admin Toolbar

Grrr! Like that sleek and sexy looking WordPress admin bar. The “on-hover” sub-menus are super efficient and allow you quick access to the main web publishing functions.

6. Flyout Menus

Great UI update! The new flyout menus are definitely going to speed up the lives of WordPress admins all round the planet! It’s a small improvement that is going to be much appreciated.

However, I think that the WordPress team could minimise clicks and speed up site admin times by implementing a couple of additional options in the “Posts” and “Pages” menu.

WordPress developers could minimise clicks and speed up site admin times by implementing a couple of additional options in the "Posts" and "Pages" menu.


Ever since WordPress 2.8 it has been awesome watching how WordPress has made significant improvements to this most well-loved web publishing platform. You should definitely update your current version of WordPress to version 3.3 and do so as quickly as possible.

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