Samsung Kies my @ sign...

I’ve had my Samsung Galaxy S for about a year now. It’s great. I love it! But there has been one thing about it that really has gotten on my nerves and that’s been driving me nuts – Samsung Kies: the piece of software that theoretically allows you to manage and update the Galaxy S… Pffft! Lies I tell you!

My mateĀ @pauldesousa and I both own a Galaxy S smartphone and both of us have wracked our brains in trying to get the firmware updated using Kies. Neither of us were successful and I can safely say that we’re technically advanced and resourceful individuals when it comes to tech stuff.

If I had to add up the hours I’ve spent in trying to get Kies working on several PC’s and laptops I am sure it would equate to at least a couple of days.

Anyway. The major pain in my @$$ that I experienced with Kies is now officially over.

So yesterday I got a Gtalk message from Mr De Sousa with a link that directed me to a blog post which gave step-by-step instructions on how to upgrade my Galaxy S firmware from Eclair to Gingerbread.

I won’t lie – when I first saw the link I thought “Great. Probably yet another way of me getting frustrated with my Galaxy S and my inability to upgrade the firmware.”

Well all I can say is that to my surprise I managed to upgrade my firmware from Eclair to Gingerbread without any problems whatsoever (unless you count my ID:10T error of not backing up my text messages and other items first… Doh!)

Highly recommended if you’re having hassles with Kies.

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