Preview URLs submitted in WordPress post comments instantly

WordPress post comments include a really handy new feature!

I only saw this today, but it seems that the WordPress 3.3 update released at the end of last week (version 3.3.1) has given WordPress administrators the functionality to instantly preview the URLs submitted in WordPress post comments, prior to approving or trashing the comments that require moderation.

Preview URLs in WordPress post comments

I noticed this new feature today on several WordPress 3.3.1 blogs I administer, while moderating post comments & checking out spam because lately it seems like Akismet is on strike…

Hover over the URL submitted in the WordPress post comment.

Instantly preview website URL submitted in WordPress post comments

Once the pane has loaded, you get to instantly view the URL in the preview pane – like you can see below.

Instant preview of website URL submitted in WordPress post comments

A new “x” icon next to the commenter URL caught my eye because I couldn’t remember ever seeing it before – to my surprise when I hovered over the link, besides instantly loading a site preview, it also gave me the option of removing the URL directly from the comment admin section without having to edit the comment.

Remove URL from WordPress post comments directly from the comment admin area

This feature is handy if you do not publish commenter URLs on your blog in order to minimise the amount of URLs submitted for link building purposes.

NOTE: This is not a viable practice for all types of blogs, but for these specific ones that I manage, I never approve website URLs submitted by blog commenter’s.

You will be notified once you’ve successfully removed the URL from the comment and you can then proceed to publish the comment if you’re happy with it!

You will be notified once you've successfully removed the URL from the WordPress post comment

Although most of the blogs I manage are running on WordPress 3.1.1, one of the blogs I manage is running on a StudioPress Genesis framework and this functionality is not available, so I guess it will be working depending on the theme or framework that you’re running in WordPress.

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