No More Pics Please: PicPlz Shutting Down

No More Pics Please: PicPlz Shutting Down

Let me just say that I have been using PicPlz for over a year and a half and that it has been my favourite photo sharing social network for a long time.

Not only did I get to follow some very talented photographers on this service, but I have also managed to build a large & loyal following. To date I’ve taken & shared close to 800 pics on this photo sharing service.

I first started using PicPlz for my photo-a-day project over the course of 2011. I did pretty well in that challenge – most of the time – posting a new pic daily and sometimes I even managed to upload multiple shots per day…

At the time of signing up to the service, I liked the fact that I could post my photos to PicPlz and share them on my Twitter, Facebook, Posterous, Tumblr, Flickr & foursquare profiles and even backup my pics to Dropbox. PicPlz was the best photo sharing app for Android at the time…

No More PicPlz

PicPlz Shutting Down :(

I was extremely sad to read that PicPlz is shutting down its service on the 3rd July 2012. On logging in to my profile via my browser, I was greeted with this message:

PicPlz Home Page

Even on the mobile app, you are greeted with this notice:

PicPlz Shutting Down: Notice on Mobile App

Why I Cheated on PicPlz

I’ll admit it – I’ve been unfaithful to PicPlz over the last couple of months although I was gravitating back to using this service because of Instagram’s forced cropping of images to a square and because of their recent acquisition by Facebook.

I don’t use Facebook to keep in touch with my mates around the world, and I use it as an online marketing tool. While I am not anti-Facebook, I use their service exclusively for work-related purposes like managing and updating Facebook Pages, running social media marketing campaigns via Facebook Ads and sharing content that I find interesting.

I signed up and joined Instagram because PicPlz does not allow users to hash tag their photos and at the same time, Instagram has a fast growing & loyal user base of roughly 50 million.

Since the launch of Instagram for Android, I’ve been spending less time on PicPlz and I’m not the only one! A quick search on Google Insights shows how interest over time for this service has declined – most significantly since April this year (which is when Instagram launched for Android).

Google Insights For Search: PicPlz

Exporting Your PicPlz Photos

At the moment, PicPlz is only allowing you to download your profile photos one at a time… I find this a real bummer considering that I have uploaded and shared close to 800 photos to date.

I think that most loyal PicPlz users feel very disappointed at their not being a bulk download facility, but yesterday PicPlz tweeted this:

PicPlz Bulk Photo Downloads Coming Soon?

I hope that this means that they’re looking at adding this bulk download functionality prior to the shut down on the 3rd July 2012. I think it would be the right thing to do and a great way of thanking their loyal users for using their service. What do you think?

Needless to say that I have halted all uploads to PicPlz and for the time being I’m going to be sharing my pics on Instagram… But just for the time being…

PicPlz Bulk Download – Update 9th June 2012

I logged into my PicPlz profile this evening and was really pleased to see that the PicPlz team have provided their users with a bulk download facility.

PicPlz Bulk Download

This is a very welcome option as I personally wasn’t looking forward to downloading 800 photos one at a time. To my surprise I have accumulated 1.2GB worth of photos on PicPlz in the last 18 months… Thank goodness for high-speed broadband!

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