Streamzoo Is Better Than Instagram

Why Streamzoo Is Better Than Instagram

I’d been test driving Instagram since the beginning of April when it became available to Android users on the Google Play store – I stopped using it in May!

While I did quite like Instagram, there were certain features – for example, being forced to crop my photos into a square & secondly being acquired by Facebook – that made me gravitate back to my first love in social photo-sharing – and Instagram long-time rivalPicPlz.

Even though I had been sharing my mobile pics taken & edited on my Samsung Galaxy S (and now Galaxy S3) on Instagram, I continued sharing on PicPlz. I had been an active PicPlz user since December 2010 and I was sad to read the news that PicPlz was shutting down its service on the 3rd July 2012.

Soon after the announcement of their closure, the people I followed on PicPlz started publicising their Instagram profile IDs on their photo feeds. While most of them posted their Instagram profile details, I noticed that several of them had listed a new social photo-sharing app that I hadn’t heard about – Streamzoo by Phonezoo Communications.

How does Streamzoo describe its service:

Streamzoo is a Photo social game. It enables users to connect with people all over the world, discover exciting content and organize mobile photos and videos into meaningful and interesting #streams. Also special filters, borders, and tilt shift effects can be added for photo enhancements.

Like other social photo-sharing apps, Streamzoo is free and includes great filters, borders, effects, easy sharing options and hashtags to help organise your photos. And you can even upload short videos too! And on top of all that, according to Streamzoo, you (the original uploader) retain all copyrights and ownership of the original content.  

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Local Search Resources For Online Marketers

Local Search Resources For Online Marketers

Local search engine optimisation should be one of the top priorities for your local marketing initiatives and can be a major driver of your enquiries and leads.

Local SEO has been dominating my working weeks of late… I’ve been reading up on – as well as implementing & testing – all sorts of local search strategies, best practices for optimising local search and targeting services that can be used to increase local search visibility.

It all started off earlier this year when a project was put on my plate to optimise local office pages for a national brand with 50+ office locations, in order to increase organic results for geo-specific search terms and local SEO visibility in general. That would be the first phase of the project with the second phase addressing the development of Google Places (now Google Local) properties.

Phase 1 went live towards the end of May 2012, and resulted in a noticeable increase in localised search terms in our Google Analytics reports. In the last 3 months, we have also had a dramatic increase in organic branded local search terms and the local SEO optimisation has boosted our longer tail traffic generating keywords.

I have no doubt that some of these increases could be attributed to us harnessing the new ranking opportunities for local SEO that the Google Venice update rewarded and which meant that we could easily benefit from branded localised organic search results and send out more geo-targeted brand signals to boost local search.

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