What I Learnt From #SearchLove About Link Building via Blogger Outreach (Without Even Being There)

Link Building via Blogger Outreach

So I was casually scanning my Twitter feed – as you do – and started noticing the #SearchLondon hash tag continuously pop up in my timeline of tweeps I follow.

A quick search on Twitter for #SearchLondon presented me with a long list of results for some really interesting link building via blogger outreach tips & tools shared by SEO Consultant, Paddy Moogan at the Search Love London Conference. The results I found for that search have been the inspiration behind this post…

32 Tips & Tools from Search Love London

Here are 32 actionable pieces of advice, tips and tools shared on blogger outreach, content development and link building tools.

Link Building via Blogger Outreach Tools

  1. Use BlogDash.com (find engage and pitch bloggers)
  2. Use BloggerLinkUp.com (find content for your blog or share yours)
  3. Use Topsy Expert finder to find influencers
  4. Use Author Crawler tool to identify relevant influential people in your space using Google authorship markup
  5. Use Rapportive for Gmail – it shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox and can help with link building outreach.
  6. Use Boomerang for Gmail to schedule emails at different times & setup reminders. Great for outreach to other countries
  7. Install ToutApp for Gmail is an extension that automatically detects email addresses in web pages
  8. Use Engagio to help organise social conversations
  9. Use BuzzStream to help with keeping outreach organised on scale
  10. Use Niels Bosma’s SEO Tools for Excel to help filtering & sorting link targets
  11. SEOmoz’s Link Intersect offers insightful comparison on your competitors most powerful back links
  12. Scrape Similar for Chrome is an extension for getting data out of web pages and into spreadsheets
  13. Multi Links for Firefox lets you lets you open, copy or bookmark multiple links at the same time rather than having to do them all individually

Blogger Outreach

  1. Question to ask yourself when link building: “Who gives a shit about your content?”
  2. Work out your angle & why people should care about your content
  3. Relevance: Be specific when you reach out to bloggers & authors
  4. Use your instincts to determine if sites are valid link targets or not
  5. Give bloggers your ideas AND ask them for feedback. Let them give you ideas
  6. Personalise your emails before writing them, record opening lines whilst you compile your outreach list
  7. Be personal, mention location, this lowers barrier to spam, shows you are genuine, but followup
  8. Make people feel a part of your content – if they contribute, they’re likely to share/link
  9. Always follow up at least once, but don’t get pushy. Keep a bloggers email & find out why they don’t want your content
  10. Use curated lists to find link targets
  11. Google for list of blogs – the hard work is already done for you, people have already created those lists
  12. Use advanced search queries on Google to filter prospecting results

Content Development

  1. Good content attracts content, but you still need to promote it
  2. Advertorials aren’t a great way to build links – avoid them!
  3. Go very easy on text anchor, don’t let Google realize unnatural use of keywords
  4. Priorities unnatural links, sort out the list and build quality ones
  5. Asking text anchor for bloggers is an old age technique, be smart now!
  6. Don’t use exact match anchor text in guest posting – you want NATURAL links
  7. Be aware of what is pointing to your website

Go and do something with these tools and tips… There is no reason to not start your blogger outreach strategy today!

Image Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shuttershuk/

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