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I’m a very competent guy when it comes to the web. I’ve been professionally involved in commercial online activities for over 13 years now. If I add the 6 or 7 years under my belt – prior to stumbling into the online industry – my experience in the information technology sector has now nearly spanned 20 years!

Because of that, I do not hesitate in getting stuck into new systems, technologies, tools or techniques. If I don’t know how to do something I need to know how to do, I jump onto a search engine and find out how…

I am a classic example of someone that never reads manuals and that isn’t afraid of tackling something new which has a lot to do with my curiosity to learn, especially when the subject matter is something I’m passionate about.

I tend to pick up on new web services, online tools and information systems intuitively, however I appreciate that there are people that do find getting to grips with that sort of stuff rather daunting because of their level of IT literacy.

Enter Grovo Learning

If I was one of those people, I would find Grovo particularly invaluable. And please don’t get me wrong, I do not think that Grovo has not got anything to offer me! On the contrary. It has! Grovo can personally help me to ensure that I keep my skill set super fresh and super current. Knowledge is king… 

Grovo has to be one of the best online training and education platforms available right now. I first heard of their service when I stumbled upon a Mashable blog post on Online Learning Resources to Help You Run a Better Business and promptly signed up.

What Grovo is doing is by no means new, has been doing it for years and more recently Khan Academy as well (covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history). What makes Grovo very relevant right now is how they have developed an “online learning platform that provides instruction on how to use social media, ecommerce, and business productivity sites and apps on the internet.”

It is all you’ll need to learn how to use current internet services in bite-sized, 2 minute video tutorials. It includes online learning for popular services like LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Docs, and so much more. The short video tutorials make the lessons more digestible and you could watch your lessons on demand via any web connection – even while on the move with your smartphone.

So what if you’ve got Facebook??? It doesn’t make you a Social Media Strategist…

Where I think Grovo is particularly strong is that businesses – both small and large – can provide affordable team training on the latest online marketing tools and productivity technologies. With Grovo you can stay savvy when your favourite sites or services change or add functionality, and even share your knowledge with family and friends.

Grovo Pricing

You can sign up free, but I would say invest $9 per month.

Relevant Online Training

What I’ve seen a lot of over the last couple of years are “traditional” marketers starting to realise how important it is to get to grips with online marketing and therefore they have to adapt and evolve by learning these new skills to avoid losing their edge with current trends.

All the lessons have quizzes and key learning points so the coursework is pretty thorough. I started a couple of courses last year, and have just logged in to the service to find that I am 80% through on some of them. My dashboard keeps me notified of my progress and if I complete my quiz with good marks I even earn a Grovo Certification.

Top Grovo Courses To Follow

Grovo's Google AdWords Keyword Strategy Online Learning Lessons

There is a large selection of top quality and useful Grovo courses for you to follow. Some of my favourites include:

  1. Facebook Timeline
  2. Foursquare Brand
  3. Pages
  4. Google AdWords
  5. Google Analytics
  6. LinkedIn Ads
  7. WordPress SEO
  8. YoutTube Optimisation, and many more!
  • The Expert series which interviews with the people who build the Internet has some amazing video content on subjects like Targeting Friends of Fans, Measuring Social Impact, Facebook’s Quality Score, Ultimate Guide To Personal Branding and Social Media Marketing For Local Business.
  • Again, I think that Grovo is worth the investment especially if you want to keep your online marketing skills sharp. Try it out and let me know what you think in the comments.

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