Google Zeitgeist - Worldwide Search Statistics

Ever wondered what people are searching for on the Internet, particularly in Google? Google Zeitgeist has the answer for you.

Google Zeitgeist is a report of search statistics which are generated based on millions of searches performed on Google over a given period of time – weekly, monthly, and annually.

Search statistics are important because they hold so much more information than just a list of keywords and phrases. They tell you trends, patterns, people’s interest, current events, latest happenings and many more .

If used wisely and appropriately, search statistics can provide invaluable information to your business at a very low to zero cost.

Now on a lighter note: I ran a search on Google Zeitgeist for the Top 10 websites by traffic in South Africa for 2006 and to no surprise, Google Zeitgeist could not run a report due to “Not enough search volume to show graphs”… Bwahahahaha!!!!! Check out the screen shot below:

Google Zeitgeist for the Top 10 websites by traffic in South Africa for 2006

The extremely high costs for internet access in South Africa are an absolute disgust – we’re probably one of the countries in the world which pays the most for bandwidth…

Ahh, I can remember back in the days (2002-2003) in the UK where I had unlimited high speed broadband at like 15 squids a month……… and boy did I test to see just how unlimited that package was!

All that the South African internet service providers are doing by charging exhorbitant access/data costs is stagnating the growth in the internet sector big time! When are we going to catch up with the rest of the world???

At the same time, when are South African’s – I know I’m generalising here – going to embrace and adapt to using the internet as more than just a medium to send e-mails…

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