The Google+ Project

Personally, I like where Google is going with social… There. I said it!

I’m a big Google fan and have been for many years. I won’t lie about that nor will I apologise! I am truly hoping that Google+ will be very successful. I’m really looking forward to seeing Circles, Sparks, Hangouts, Instant Upload and Huddle in action. Social media is going to change once again and I believe that Google is going to be a big driving force behind this.

Oh, and as for all the Google haters, you can Kies my @ sign!

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Pedro Da Silva

Online Marketing Junkie

My name is Pedro Da Silva. I have built-up a wide range of digital marketing skills over the last 15 years working in the web industry. From front-end web design and graphics, to SEO and online marketing. I'm creative, commercial and technically minded. South African born & bred, I work in the UK online marketing industry. I'm a proud dad & husband that loves music, photography and mixed martial arts.

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