Google Analytics Advanced Segments: 96 Useful Organic Search Segments for European Markets

96 Google Analytics Advanced Segments to Segment Organic Search Sessions by Device Type in EU Markets
Google Analytics advanced segments and custom reports save me a hell of a lot of time on a daily basis…

As part of my “day-to-day” role as a Digital Marketing Manager for a FTSE 250 listed company, I find myself jumping in and out of Google Analytics accounts for different geographic locations multiple times per day.

A lot of times, while I’m in either a meeting, on a telephone call, a Google Hangout or during a Google Chat, I have to be able to quickly gather in-country insights into organic search traffic.

As a result, I have used the Google Analytics segment builder to create hundreds of Google Analytics advanced segments so that I can analyse and interpret relevant in-country data in a matter of a few clicks.

Google Analytics advanced segments are ultra handy to me. For example, if the target market I am working is the UK, I find it pointless and inaccurate to read any Google Analytics profile report for the UK site without applying an in-country Google Analytics advanced segment first.

If you want to ensure that you are interpreting and analysing relevant data, I recommend that you apply an advanced segment first, especially if your target market only relies on in-country traffic.

Advanced Segments for In-Country Organic Search Sessions: Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet

Below you’ll find 96 free to share and use Google Analytics advanced segments I’ve created that will allow you to quickly extract organic search sessions in Google Analytics for desktop, mobile & tablet devices in 32 European markets.

You can apply all three Google Analytics advanced segments (desktop vs mobile vs tablet) at once or individually, depending on how you want to analyse your in-country organic search sessions.

To start, I recommend that you apply all three and then one at a time to analyse and interpret the differences in behaviour of your users when visiting one of these 3 devices via organic search.

  1. Austria (AT): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  2. Belgium (BE): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  3. Bulgaria (BG): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  4. Croatia (HR): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  5. Cyprus (CY): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  6. Czech Republic (CZ): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  7. Denmark (DK): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  8. Estonia (EE): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  9. Finland (FI): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  10. France (FR): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  11. Germany (DE): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  12. Greece (GR): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  13. Hungary (HU): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  14. Ireland (IE): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  15. Italy (IT): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  16. Latvia (LV): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  17. Liechtenstein (LI): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  18. Lithuania (LT): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  19. Luxembourg (LU): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  20. Malta (MT): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  21. Netherlands (NL): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  22. Norway (NO): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  23. Poland (PO): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  24. Portugal (PT): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  25. Romania (RO): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  26. Slovakia (SK): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  27. Slovenia (SI): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  28. Spain (ES): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  29. Sweden (SE): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  30. Switzerland (CH): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  31. United Kingdom (UK): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  32. Vatican City (VC): Desktop | Mobile | Tablet

How to Use these Free Google Analytics Advanced Segments

To use these links below, please ensure that you’re logged in to your Google account and that you have a Google Analytics profile. Click on one of the market and device type advanced segment links that you want to import into your Google Analytics account.

You’ll see a prompt appear on screen – like the one below – and you then have an option of either enabling the Google Analytics advanced segment in any view, or you can select a specific view in your Google Analytics account that you want it to be available in.

Clicking on the links will open up a prompt in Google Analytics.

Once you’ve selected your preferred view, click “Create”.

If you’d like to review the configuration of the advanced segment that you’ve imported into Google Analytics, all you have to do is:

Where to view or edit Google Analytics advanced segments

  1. Click on “Admin”
  2. Click on “Segments”. All the segments below are prefixed with “Organic Sessions – “, if you want to find the one you’ve selected.
  3. You can then see the conditions that have been set in the shared advanced segment.

How I use these Advanced Segments

One of the segments that I pay very close attention to is how organic search sessions differ between desktop, mobile and tablet devices in our European markets.

Segmenting in-country organic traffic provides me with different insights depending on the KPIs of the market that I am working with. Business objectives can differ between business categories, markets, a user behaviour differs between B2C & B2B and organic search by device allows us to check how our users prefer to engage with our sites.

Why? Well we’ve seen some very large shifts in organic sessions via mobile & tablet devices over the course of 2014 in comparison to 2013.

In some markets, organic search sessions via these devices already contributes over 50% of organic traffic to some of our web real-estate. I can say that for desktop search, year on year (YoY) we see the inverse: i.e. double-digit decreases in organic search.

These shifts in the share of organic search by device type has also altered some of our conversions, so we need to ensure that we optimise the channels for devices that yield the highest conversion rates.

It’s important to me that I am able to analyse and use this data to demonstrate why our focus needs to be diverted to other organic channels – like offsite local & social media – to ensure that we don’t lose our share of mobile search, especially on websites that are not as yet “mobile-friendly”

I hope that these Google Analytics advanced segments prove to be as useful to you as they are to me. If you have found them useful, please let me know in the comments below.

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