Free Google Analytics Configuration Tool

Have you ever wished for an easier way to configure Google Analytics? Well wish no more! 

Thanks to Twitter, I recently found out about this nice configuration tool that I think you should most definitely add to your arsenal of web tools.

Free Google Analytics Configuration Tool

The guys over at Raven Tools have created a free Google Analytics Configuration Tool that will make setting up Google Analytics just that much easier.

The benefits of using the Google Analytics Configuration Tool

There are certain aspects of configuring Google Analytics that are not that easy & straightforward and which require delving into the Google Analytics documentation.

The GA Config tool however makes the whole process much easier especially when it comes to setting up goals and KPIs and on top of that it provides you with custom code which you can add to your site.

If you have not got Google Analytics setup for your website, how are you tracking and measuring the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts? If you do, it is crucial that you have your Google Analytics setup in such a way that you are easily able to report on where you’re doing well and where you should be applying more effort in converting your visitors.

What can you configure with the free Google Analytics Configuration Tool?

These are the 8 configuration tools that you can use to really get the most out of your Google Analytics setup:

  1. One Domain with Sub-Domains – Setup tracking for one domain and one or more sub-domains in the same Google Analytics profile.
  2. Multiple Domains with One Sub-Domain – Setup tracking for multiple domains and a sub-domain in the same Google Analytics profile.
  3. Setup Site Search – Learn how to turn on site search in Google Analytics to track what keywords people use to search on your website.
  4. Setup 404 Tracking – Setup Google Analytics tracking on your 404 page to find out how visitors are triggering it on your website.
  5. Event Tracking – Setup a variety of key events in your analytics, such as social shares, newsletter sign ups and blog comments – even without a confirmation page.
  6. Goal with Destination URL – How to setup a goal with a confirmation page in Google Analytics.
  7. Track Facebook Page and Referrers – Track your Facebook Page in Google Analytics to find out which sites are referring visitors to your Facebook Page.
  8. URL Builder – Tag the links you share so you can keep track of how that traffic interacts with your site in Google Analytics.

I personally find all of these tools super useful but the stand out tool has to be the event tracking which allows you to track on-click events types like file downloads, affiliate links, user registrations and contact form submissions. I also like the 404 error tracking tool especially when working on lots of new domains at the same time.

Google Analytics Configuration Tool is an independent Google Analytics configuration tool that is not in any manner related to or affiliated with Google.

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