Conversion Rate Optimisation Wrap-Up – October 2012

Conversion Rate Optimisation Wrap-Up - October 2012

In a nut shell Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is about finding out why your site visitors land on your site and aren’t converting – and then fixing it!

Online marketing has gone beyond rankings and is now about optimising your users search experience and fulfilling their intent.

CRO is the art of increasing your leads & sales from the traffic that you send to your website by persuading visitors to take actions that will benefit you. For example; registering for newsletters, submitting contact forms, buying a product or signing up for a service.

Once you’re driving traffic to your website, your next priority should be to make your site more focussed, persuasive and successful. That’s where Conversion Rate Optimisation comes into the picture!

This October, I bookmarked a list of the most useful Conversion Rate Optimisation articles, guides, “how to’s” and resources that I could find and I’m sharing them with you in this post.

13 Useful Conversion Rate Optimisation Articles

• Big Picture Conversion Rate Optimisation

I had the pleasure of attending SearchLove London 2012 at the end of last month, where I got to see Rand Fishkin. Check out this presentation by Rand on SlideShare on “The Big Picture of CRO”.

• The Best in Landing Page Optimization Tips

Janet Driscoll Miller’s presentation for Pubcon on the best in landing page optimisation tips. This presentation shows you some of the basic tactics to use, as well as advanced landing page tactics like progressive profiling, conversion paths, and social integration.

• 8 User Testing Case Studies: These case studies display various techniques that might make a difference to the customer experience. As with all case studies, you have to realise that just because it works in one situation for one site, it does not necessarily mean that it works for another! Either way, these 8 examples illustrate how different methodologies can potentially lead to large increases in conversions.

• 5 Landing Page Tricks That Boosted Opt-In rates by over 50%: A conversion rate optimisation case study on how you could improve your existing opt-in rates by at least a few percent by adopting or incorporating 5 simple tricks.

• Optimization 201: Fix the broken leg before you fix the broken toe: In this article, Adam Lapp describes how he develops multiple “treatments” for conversion rate optimisation tests in order to determine which of the hypotheses’ have the greatest impact on the customer’s decision-making process.

• 21 Quick Landing Page Tips & Best Practices: CRO best practices and actionable tips for optimising your landing pages. If you’re just getting started with conversion rate optimisation, this post is a great starting point.

• 5 Key Success Factors for Conversion Rate Optimisation: Econsultancy lists five main areas organisations should concentrate on in order to improve their online conversion rates.

• Why you shouldn’t use automatic image sliders or carousels: Can sliders mess up your conversion rate and put your website visitors off? This posts includes a couple of reasons why you should avoid using carousels from a usability perspective and details why you should be focusing on a single primary message and action is way more effective.

• The Importance of A/B Testing: CRO involves a lot of testing and measuring.  and measure. Once you’ve maximized your conversion rate, you can just let it run and get a better return on the same amount of visitors. Have you ever considered that there may be potential clients who are turned off by something on your pages that has nothing to do with your product or service?

• A Day in The Life of A Conversion Rate Optimization Gunslinger:  So what does the average day for a CRO analyst look like? Read Carlos Del Rio’s post to find out what CRO tools he uses on a daily basis, what elements he tests and the results that he is looking for.

• 15 Free Conversion Rate Optimisation Tools: Rob Millard of Distilled shares this slide deck of some of the top free CRO tools available for those of you that don’t have a budget to invest in premium tools.

• How Web Graphics Affect Conversions: Some very insightful thoughts based on David Ogilvy’s research into the usage of images in advertising and how images can capture attention but at the same time how they can potentially reduce readership.

• 101 Landing Page Optimisation Tips: Even though this post is over a year old now, it still contains a rich list of CRO tips that can be applied to your landing pages. The tips are broken up into 14 chapters and covers everything from the fundamentals of CRO, to landing page SEO, optimising your CTAs (call-to-actions) and what you shouldn’t do. You’ll also find a handy PDF download that you can download with all of these CRO tips. 

What do you think?

Have you found this post useful? Were you able to take-away some valuable resources and tips from the posts shared here? I really hope you have.

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