The Content Marketing Boom

If there is one area of digital marketing that has to be part of any businesses digital strategy it’s got to be content marketing. Your content strategy can definitely dictate your overall success and there is a content marketing boom going on right now!

Whether it’s B2B or B2C marketing, you may not realise that you’re content marketing, so if you’re active in any one of the activities below, you are:

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Blogging
  3. Writing articles
  4. Social media marketing, etc

Over the past 20 months I’ve seen some of the blogs I manage achieve some significant gains in traffic as a result of improved organic search rankings and social sharing by employing all of the activities above.

Content marketing is invaluable when it comes to creating brand awareness, lead generation and customer retention & loyalty.

Google is striving for better content

Gone are the days when thin and irrelevant content would get you high rankings in the search engines. Content needs to be unique and of really good quality to attract any significant attention not only from site visitors, but also search engines.

As search is changing dramatically and has done over the last year, it is becoming more and more intelligent at helping users find the content they want as well as recommending results based on previous search behaviour and your social connections.

Forward thinking companies and marketers are responding to this and are putting together content that people actually want to read as opposed to just churning out nonsensical drivel.

Infographic: The Content Marketing Explosion

Check out this great infographic from BlueGlass Interactive which aims to help you understand the content marketing explosion.

Created by BlueGlass Interactive

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