Conversion Rate Optimisation Wrap-Up – October 2012

Conversion Rate Optimisation Wrap-Up - October 2012

In a nut shell Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is about finding out why your site visitors land on your site and aren’t converting – and then fixing it!

Online marketing has gone beyond rankings and is now about optimising your users search experience and fulfilling their intent.

CRO is the art of increasing your leads & sales from the traffic that you send to your website by persuading visitors to take actions that will benefit you. For example; registering for newsletters, submitting contact forms, buying a product or signing up for a service.

Once you’re driving traffic to your website, your next priority should be to make your site more focussed, persuasive and successful. That’s where Conversion Rate Optimisation comes into the picture!

This October, I bookmarked a list of the most useful Conversion Rate Optimisation articles, guides, “how to’s” and resources that I could find and I’m sharing them with you in this post.

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Google Search Algorithm: 4 Updates In 2 Weeks

Google Search Algorithm: 4 Updates In 2 Weeks

The Google search algorithm has been updated yet again, which now makes it four times in the past two weeks.

Google is continuing its campaign (read: war) against low quality websites and there are no signs of Google halting its offensive strategy.

If anything, Google has upped the ante by becoming more aggressive at targeting low quality sites than it has ever been, and is carrying out these “strikes” much more frequently.

Last week, Google published a post on search quality highlights and the 65 changes they have made over August and September. Check out Matt Cutts official tweet below:

Google is constantly pursuing the provision of relevant, useful links that serve the searchers intent, ie giving people what they want when they search.

Prior to Panda & Penguin, a lot of the SERPs were dominated by low quality websites that ranked for certain keywords by unscrupulous link builders and SEOs whose sole intent was to game the system in order to fill their pockets using some very blackhat techniques.

From a searchers perspective, these updates should be good news as they will hopefully drive out and de-index the piles of SHERPs (SHit search Engine Results Pages) that have been, IMHO, plaguing search for quite some time now…

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